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Milan Perný Free Sheet Music

Milan Perný He spent his childhood in the picturesque village of Komjatice near Nitra. From an early age, Milan admired people who differed from others by knowing something extra. He admired the musicians the most. As it goes in life, everyone is waiting for the right constellation of stars and so-called starting pulse. For Milan, it was the film TITANIC and the moving scene of a violinist who played the song "Closer to You My God" while sinking a ship. The sound of the violin fascinated him so much that he decided to learn to play this instrument, despite his relatively old age (15 years). The year was 2000 and, in parallel with his studies at SPŠ Nitra, he decided to join ZUŠ and start refining and developing his artistic spirit, which dormant in him. He found himself in class p. teacher Tolnay at ZUŠ in Nitra. Already during his studies, this young man became more and more distant from the sheet music.

Milan Perný - Ja som chlapec komjatický Piano Sheet Music

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