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Lefevre Free Sheet Music

Lefevre Jean-Xavier Lefèvre (Lausanne Cressis, March 6, 1763 – Paris Neuilly, 1829 November 9) was a Swiss-born French clarinettist.Jean-Xavier LefèvreIn 1778, at the age of 15, Lefèvre became a member of the French Guards band. When the National Guard was formed in the year of the Revolution he played in this and from 1790 was its deputy conductor. In 1814 he was made a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. He had many famous pupils at the Paris Conservatoire who included Janssen 1795/6, Péchignier 1797, Crusell 1803, Buteux 1814 to 1819, Crépin 1816 to 1821, Adolphe Hugot 1817 to 1822 and Pierre Hugot 1820 to 1824. He may also have taught Dacosta in 1797 and 1798, but some authorities say Duvernoy did.

Lefevre - Sonata no.2 Piano Sheet Music

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